Tips for Rainy Day Fashion

It is hard to dress up on a rainy day; a dress is a no-no while a suede shoes are out of the question. So how do you make yourself presentable even when the weather prevents you from doing so? Here are some rainy day style tips from Pennyweight online:

  1. Wear something colourful. The weather may be depressing but it is no reason to be sad as well. Wear a colourful scarf, colourful printed rubber boots, a cure blouse or any colourful accessory.
  2. Don’t forget to carry your umbrella even when the skies seem to clear up. But consider purchasing a cheaper model if you are prone to losing your umbrella. A colourful and fun suggestion is kids’ umbrellas. These come really cheap and will also add more fun and cuteness in your look.
  3. Protect your dress or your blouse and pants with a classic trench coat. Oftentimes trench coats come in boring, monotonous colors but you can certainly do away with these and use a colourful style along with a hat or a pair of gloves.
  4. Don’t forget that there are materials that you should never wear outside when it is raining. Shoes made from leather and suede will be easily ruined when you wear them out. You should also avoid using a suede or leather handbag since you may accidentally drop it or wet it as you commute or walk. It is better to stick to rubber or use rubber boots when the weather becomes nasty. Leather shoes should be protected with a leather spray at all cost.
  5. A waterproof jacket may not offer that much protection when the wind is high and the rain is very hard. You may wear it to protect your clothes but be sure to carry your umbrella with you all the time.
  6. Rainy day boots – rubber boots come in different shapes, styles, colors, brands and designs. There are rubber boots for kids and adults making this a favourite raining accessory.

All these tips will help you plan your wardrobe when it rains. These will also assist you when you would like to experiment on a whole new look this rainy season. As you can see, you do not have to purchase anything expensive to look good but on the other hand you may recycle old clothes and mix and match outfits to create a totally new look.