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Fashion Myths That You Should Forget

It’s hard to grow up with a lot of people telling you what to wear or what not to wear. Now that you are all grown up you have probably known that most of all the advice that you got were just plain fashion rules that should be broken. Most of these are so outdated and even downright funny. Here are some of the most popular outdated fashion myths that you may still be following till this day:

  1. Never wear tights together with open-toed shoes – if you still believed that tights and open-toed shoes are outdated then you may still be stuck in the last century. We all know now that there is nothing wrong with this combination. You may wear tights together with any kind of footwear and in fact this may also be worn in winter just by tucking the seams of your tights under your toes.
  2. Never wear your leather or suede wardrobe in summer – this rule is definitely outdated since there are more clothes and accessories made from leather and suede that you can wear all year round. It won’t make sense not to wear then in summer.
  3. Never mix jeweleries made from different metals – there are jewellery pieces made from mixed metals which defy this rule and of course with all the cute and popular jewellery pieces that you can choose there is really nothing wrong with mixing and matching pieces together.
  4. Colors to stay away from when you are a redhead – you may have heard about color advice from family and friends saying that you should stay away from red. But actually, red enhances the red in a redhead’s head. With just the right combination of red, you can accentuate your features and your looks. There are also bolder colors that you can wear for any occasion if you are a red head. The secret is to forget about this rule and wear whatever you want.
  5. Never wear white after Labor Day- this is absurd rule. I mean what will really happen when you do wear white? White colored clothes and accessories are allowed all throughout the year and yes even during the winter months! You should try wearing a winter white outfit during the cold months; it will make you look sophisticated and will let you stand out from all other people wearing standard dark colored clothes.
  6. Never get caught with a mismatched shoes and bag- this is a rule that has been conceptualized in the 1950s way back when women were very conservative and had a tailored rule about what to wear and what not to wear. Definitely you could ditch this rule and wear anything you want. Mismatched attire could even be more fun and may look more daring compared to abiding by the standard matching outfit look. What you can do is to mix and match outfits to find out which one would be perfect for an occasion or for everyday wear.
  7. Never combine black with navy or brown – do you know that all these colors are neutral colors so you can actually wear these colors with any other hues and even wear them with each other. There should be no one stopping you from wearing anything you want especially combining colors together. Same rule apply, take time to mix and match black outfits with brown or navy and see which one would look better on you. You should also invest in more neutral accessories like belts, bags, chunky jewellery and shoes.

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